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                             5 Star Reviews 


                            5 Star Reviews


                            5 Star Reviews 

Very creative, everything is so cute, I want one of each plant.

                                                       PHX, AZ       Sierra E.

My wife just love plants and she has been pleased with all of our purchases from The Mad Planter.                                                                                    PHX, AZ     Eric S .

Shipping was fast! l love my quality mouse pad!

                                           Philadelphia, PA    Norma R.

Free Shipping is the best! I love the coffee mugs! I had to get two.   

                                                   San Diego, CA  Cathy C.

Very cute trivets! I love to entertain. They make a great conversational piece. The designs are so cute and they are easy to store.                                                                                                                    Cleveland, OH Linda M.

I love my new glass magnet!   

                                         Cedar Rapids, IA  Stephanie K.

I ordered the mouse pad with my friend. She helps her mom and we game together! Fast Free Shipping. I got it 3 days prior to the delivery date that was quoted. It was such a nice quality mouse pad which I got for my dad's birthday that I ordered my sister one. 

                                                     Tampa, FL John P.

Nice hanging wall tile decorations. I ordered one and it came quickly. I feel in love with it so I ordered 3 more. My home is coming together nicely. 

                                        Okalahoma City, OK Sarah K. 

I went to the local farmers market and bought my wife a new plant. She fell in love. Very cute idea! 

                                                      Glendale, AZ Carl V.