Air Plant in a Glass with Mutl-Colored Pebbles

Color: Orange/Blue/Green/Orange/Pink/Yellow

MaterialGlass/Pebbles/Live Plant

About This Item:



(ORIGIN) West Indies, Mexico, Central America, South America, CA, FL, LA, TX, Southern States & Deserts

(IDEAL TEMPERATURE) 50 to 90 Degrees

(LIGHT) Bright indirect light

(SOIL) NO SOIL Decorative shells, sand, rocks, pebbles, gems, crystals or cholla branches

(BLOOMS) Spring & Summer

(FLOWERS) Light pink, red, yellow & purple

(TOXIC) Not toxic to pets

(LIVES) Several Years

(PROPOGATE) Remove offsets or pups that grow from the base of the mother plant

Description: Water once a week by soaking in a luke warm bowl of water for 30 minutes, let dry on papertowel overnight and place in decorative dish in indirect bright light in your favorite spot in your home. 

Tillandsia Ionantha aka Air Plant