Frequently asked questions

Why do you not do refunds or exchanges?

Neither customers or business owners want to deal with the time consuming hassel of shipping items back with the Post Office, UPS or Fedx. No return is for the same reason. We would like the opportunity to make things right withe each customer on a one to one basis. We take pride in our products and our customer service. Do not let this change your mind when shopping with us. We will work with each customer individually to resolve any issue you may have if something should happen with your purchase during shipping, you change your mind or you want to cancel your order.

What do I do if my package has not been recieved but I received an email saying my package has been delivered?

1. Contact us right away and let us know via email @ michele@madplanter.net. 2. Contact your local post office and file a complaint.

Do you charge for local delivery?

We deliver locally for FREE within a 25 mile radius of our location in Phoenix AZ Monday through Friday from 3pm to 6pm.

What are the zones that you see commonly see referred to in a description of a plant on the internet?

The zones 9, 10, 11 etc. you see commonly referred to are zones created by the USDA by state that show how well a specific plant will do in your climate. Click the link on the about page to see what zone your state is in.

Why do you not ship plants at this time?

We currently do not have a permit that allows us to ship accross state lines.